Roaming Networks is one of the leading system integration companies in the ICT field in Serbia and the region....
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We supply professional consulting, design, implementation, integration and maintenance services in the fields ...
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In recent years we have built a strong presence in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Aust...
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Latest news
Roaming Networks at Telfor 2017
At the 25th Telecommunications Forum Telfor 2017, the representatives of Roaming Networks held a presentation - "Modern Huawei Data Centers". Colleagues Sunčica, Zoran and Aleksandar…
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Roaming Networks wins Huawei Excellent Cooperative Award
Our company took part in this year’s Huawei Core Partner Conference in Belgrade, where we were recognised with the Excellent Cooperative Award. The award was…
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Roaming Solutions at DOT2017
Representatives of Enetel Solutions and Roaming Networks took part at the DOT2017 (Digitalisation, Insurance, and Technology) Conference in the Serbian town of Arandjelovac. The event,…
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Our partners
Our partners share our values. Delivering unrivalled quality and professional service to our clients are our key priorities. Meet our partners: